Tess Humphrys

Experienced writer, editor and content strategist

About me

I am an experienced, versatile content writer, editor and strategist with international work experience in the UK, Spain and China. I have written content for print publications, websites, social media channels and PR campaigns.

Selected work

  1. Peaceful and poetic: become one with nature in Hangzhou
  2. From dongpo pork to longjing tea: a foodie’s guide to Hangzhou
  3. Wanfenglin: An Undiscovered Alternative to Yangshuo
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  12. 20 of the best food tours around the world
  13. Health, Happiness and Good Harvests: The Springtime Food of China
  14. China’s Buddhist caves: the enduring art of the Silk Road
  15. Canal life: a guide to China's most picturesque water towns
  16. 7 Reasons Why Macau is a Great Option for a Christmas Getaway
  17. From the dragon's well: tasting longjing tea in Hangzhou, China
  18. Beyond Beijing: six Chinese cities you need to know
  19. A backpacker’s guide to China: a one-month itinerary
  20. Big adventures on Little Liuchiu, Taiwan's largest coral island
  21. Garden to linger in: Suzhou's elegant classical Chinese gardens
  22. How to book and travel by high-speed train around China
  23. Lovely Lantau: secrets of Hong Kong's biggest island
  24. Glorious Gansu – At the centre of it all
  25. Las rutas más épicas de China en tren de alta velocidad
  26. China's most epic high-speed rail journeys
  27. Great walls of China: the Middle Kingdom's enduring city walls
  28. Shangri-la on two wheels: cycling adventures in Yunnan
  29. Getting my first hair cut in Ningbo

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Email me on [email protected] to discuss how we might work together to create some fabulous content.

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